Clean up your social media

Social media is to keep you up to date with the people and brands you care about, but it’s easy to get stuck in an endless news feed and not care about most of what you’re seeing.

If this is the case, then it is time to act!

Start by organizing what you see on Facebook. This will filter the material that really matters in your newsfeed, so you spend less time on the site, but still see what your friends and family are doing.

Go through your list of friends and pages and start removing friendships and liking pages.

Once you have crossed your Facebook you can start removing the guys from Twitter and Instagram. This will give you only the important updates, the ones you really want to see.
Disable non-essential notifications on your smartphone

Go through the notification settings in each app you use and make sure you’re getting only the essentials.

That, in essence, means saying goodbye to a lot of social media notifications.

These (usually trivial) notifications drain your device’s battery and interrupt your thinking process.

Getting rid of them will help you focus better on what really matters.
Folders on the computer

Having a good folder system in your main storage space is a must.

Whether you store your files in the cloud, external hard drive or your computer’s hard drive, you must find a way to organize your digital documents.

That includes everything. Since applications and tools, you undoubtedly have many strange files on your computer.
Go offline

It is very easy to be consumed by the media. How often do you see people on holidays or at the dinner table with their faces stuck in a smartphone? Definitely many!

Spend time away from the digital world.

Disconnect for a day, on a Sunday maybe. Choose to have a personal meeting with your family and friends, instead of using your phone, tablet or computer.

Participate in activities that reinforce your values, build relationships and create experiences.
Unscramble your photos

How to organize digital photos? Digital photos are fantastic. However, with each new technological advantage, over time, the negative side is discovered.

The point of the images is to look at them, today or in the future, as a memory, right? So you need to take them to a place or format where they can be seen.

Allow me to introduce Munich’s three steps to a photo cheat:

The first is to decide. You will need to decide whether you want to publish them online (Facebook or Instagram or on a blog), keep them on a cloud storage unit or on external media.

The second step is to edit and delete. Seriously, you don’t need four almost identical pictures of your dog licking your cat. Choose the best one and say goodbye to the rest.

The third step is the most important. If you don’t, the previous steps don’t work. Commit to handling your photos. Take a few minutes or hours to assess what is important.

When you get rid of the digital stack, you can actually start living intentionally.

Fortunately, you can eliminate clutter and regain control in just four simple steps:

Identify your disorder.
Make an action plan.
Unravel it mercilessly.
Keep the clutter in check by adjusting a regular shredding time.

How do you keep your digital life free from clutter? Share your tips with us. Comment !! ; D