We all know that a cleaner, clearer house and an organized workspace contribute to a clearer mind and a minimalist life.

We unscramble and clean up physical spaces to make room for the things we think are important.

Your digital space is your presence in the digital world: social media accounts, email, websites and blogs.

    How many emails are currently sitting in your inbox?
    How many social media pages do you follow?
    What is blocking your newsfeed?
    How many websites and blogs have you subscribed to?

Your digital space can be obstructed by the noise it creates and contributes to your global busyness and the only way to clear the space is to remove what is not important to you.

I admit that the last time I ran a digital cleanup, I had to sift through more than 2000 emails! It was a very long process, but it was worth it.

Turning on your computer, smartphone, tablet or TV should not create mental chaos due to unnecessary or disorganized things.

Digital clutter is more difficult to see, but no less stressful and time consuming. Reducing digital clutter may seem like a very high mountain to climb, but it can be done and it will benefit you in many ways.

Digital clutter consumes the mind and wastes valuable time. It is the stuff that fills your inboxes, hard drives, thumb drives and computer.

Here are some of the ways that you can use for a digital organization.
Make digital debris a part of your routine

Think of digital shredding, as if you were going to clean your house.

If you do a daily cleaning, it is a manageable task. But if you only organize a few times a year, then it’s a problem.
Create a Destillation Plan

Most people never get rid of their digital clutter, because the process looks very intimidating.

I did purges where I got rid of a good amount of trash. Fortunately, things become much easier when you make a plan.

Defining a rift plan without a goal is very vague and will never get you anywhere. To make things manageable, we need to break your disorder into categories.
Email signatures

Did you subscribe to blogs, websites or services and never open the messages or newsletters you received?

This is a sign that whatever that person is trying to sell you or the message that they are trying to deliver is not important.

But before deleting your email, UNSUBSCRIBE from your service. A successful digital wreck prevents the clutter from returning.
Email Inbox

Some of your emails will be important and worth the space used.

For these emails, it is a great idea to create separate folders and file them in a relevant one.

E-mails that are no longer needed should be deleted.

I suggest starting from the oldest email in your inbox, because chances are that older emails are no longer needed.

It must be easier to get past them. Be honest with yourself – remove the “just in case” mentality that many people have.

One of the many mistakes people make when they are unscrambling is to hold on to something they think they need, but in fact, they don’t need.

I recommend spending no more than ten minutes on this process. This is one of those tasks that you will have to redo a few times until everything is under control.